Exercise Technician

Location: WK Bossier
Department: Cardiac Rehab - Cardiac Rehab-Health & Fitness
Classification: Part-Time
Shift: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Date Posted: 5/9/2023

JOB TITLE:  Exercise Tech 

Under the supervision of the Coordinator/On Site Manager, the Exercise Tech contributes to the disease prevention, fitness development and wellness of clients through the use of the principles of exercise physiology, kinesiology and adult education.


RESPONSIBLE TO:  Coordinator/On Site Manager

REPORTS TO:  Coordinator/On Site Manager

Works with Fitness and Wellness Center staffs, medical directors, clients, families if needed, physicians, and other departments.


1. Educates clients regarding the accepted scientific principles of cardio respiratory, strength and flexibility conditioning.
2. Instructs clients on proper exercise form, safety, and equipment use.
3. Makes appropriate referrals based on client goals, i.e.  dietary, stress management, and smoking cessation.
4. Monitors BP, HR, and RPE closely as deemed necessary by referral, physician, or cardiac rehab medical director.
5. Monitors exercise sessions of the general client population through observation and utilization of metabolic data (BP, HR, and RPE, and respiratory rate).
6. Collaborates with other staff, medical directors, or referring physician regarding inappropriate responses to exercise.
7. Ensures safety in exercise by thorough knowledge of client medical history, by proper supervision of client activity, and by proper demonstration and explanation of all exercises prescribed.

8. Motivates clients to pursue exercise as a lifetime goal.
9. Serves as a role model for clients, employees, and the community through a personal fitness program, prudent heart living and participation in hospital and community projects that promote health and fitness.
10. Organizes work by establishing priorities so that assigned responsibilities are completed in a time frame acceptable to the immediate supervisor.
11. Maintains current and inactive patient/client files.
12. Is supportive and understanding toward clients regarding needs and goals and offers assistance to those other than those assigned.

13. Is courteous and considerate to clients, families, visitors, and other staff.

14. Promptly completes the necessary forms and informs the immediate supervisor when incidents/accidents occur.
15. Voices opinions, concerns, and suggestions regarding the care of clients and the wellness program to the immediate supervisor.
16. Demonstrates initiative in professional growth and development by staying current with new methods and innovations and by attending all in-services, as requested by the immediate supervisor.
17. Notifies supervisor if unable to come to work.
18. Evaluates and maintains adequate supplies and equipment necessary for safe, quality service to all clients.
19. Follows a consistent cleaning schedule.


1. Displays enthusiastic, optimistic attitude, patience, understanding and a pleasant disposition.
2. Non-smoker who practices prudent heart living.
3. Adaptability, able to function under stress or in a crisis situation.
4. Ability to read, write, and converse the English language.
5. Ability to motivate wellness clients.
6. Possesses integrity, professional ethics, and ability to reason logically and use good judgment.
7. Philosophy compatible with that of the rehab and wellness programs.


1. EDUCATION:  High School graduate; college degree preferred.
2. Experience, training, and knowledge: Has a basic knowledge of exercise science including kinesiology, functional anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition, health appraisal techniques and injury prevention.
3. Current certification in BCLS recommended.

Willis-Knighton is an equal opportunity employer and thus, manages its employment and employee relations policies, practices and benefits without regard to age, race, sex, color, creed, religion, national origin, disability, veteran, or other protected status where otherwise qualified.