Nutritional Assistant (DT)

Location: Live Oak
Department: Live Oak Dietary/Food Service - Live Oak Food Service
Classification: Full-Time
Shift: 10:30 AM-7:00 PM
Date Posted: 4/17/2023
Description: 1. Responsible for ensuring all dishes and kitchen utensils are properly sanitized. Loads and unloads dishwasher. Records sanitizer levels daily, or as necessary. Reports any equipment problems to Director of Dining Services.
2. Delivers and picks up food carts to the designated areas.
3. Empties trash cans after each meal, or as needed. Keeps trash dumpster area clean and ensures the lids are closed on the dumpster.
4. Keeps kitchen floor clear of all debris, sweeps and mops after each meal and all food storage areas. Ensuring “wet floor” sign is in place during mopping. 
5. Receives stock and supplies. Dates and stocks shelves. Cleans all food storage shelves before restocking.
6. Rotates stock to use older stock first.  Removes all ice from floors and shelves of freezer/refrigerator.
7. Removes milk pallets and rubber mats for cleaning. Cleans and organizes paper and cleaning supply room weekly.
8. Cleans inside of windows monthly. Cleans ovens once each week by rotation. Cleans vents every two weeks, inside and outside.
9. Works as a team player with the dietary department, adjusting duties to cover other assignments as necessary.

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